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Shanghai Wujiaochan

Suning super burning star city ball screen projection. Sometimes it’s hot, it’s sometimes romantic, and it’s quite artistic.


June fresh

June fresh Shanghai People’s Square subway station graphite interactive projection wall.this activity wall has been made fresh.



Coach Dreamer Photo Gallery.Visit the Coach Dreamer photo studio today to explore the ramantic feelings of the dark world.


Hangzhou Yunqi

The conference also arranged special features such as Yunqi night running, car rally, concerts, camping activities, etc.


Tiancheng Education

Tiancheng Education Interactive Exhibition Hall.our company provides all interactive technical support and hardware equipment.


Mercedes digital

Mercedes-Benz launched a new customer service strategy in Beijing – the “Mercedes-Benz Best Customer Experience” strategy.

Tmall Elf Smart

On September 19, 2018, a magical box of Nuo Da was airborne in Shanghai Jing’an Joy City, attracting a large number of passers-by.


Porsche new MACAN

In November 2018, Guangzhou’s new car was released, usually with green lights and red, singing and dancing, and it was a lively event, earning popularity.


Fu Lifang City Games

“Together! City soloist” – freeplus and Tian Hao’s sensitive ensemble.


Nanjing West Road

A feast on Nanjing West Road,stunning the entire beach!



A journey of scientific and technological exploration at the World Expo – curtain projection, ground projection.

Decoding Hennessy Tasting

Will V.S.O.P be “automatically” become X.O for a long time? What is the best thing to do with the “tears”? Henry IV enjoys a cup of cognac every day Is there any “mysterious power” in Cognac?


Chivas National Tour

August 2018, Chivas Regal National Exhibition, 3d holographic display


Shanghai Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum consists of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine/Chinese Medical Association Medical History Museum, Chinese Medicine Specimen Exhibition Hall, and School History Exhibition Hall.


World Expo

The folding screen system can be divided into 2 fold, 3 fold, 4 fold, 5 fold, 8 fold screen system.


Transparent screen

Transparent screen interactive display is a new display method based on transparent display screen, with touch and software video.


Jeep Freeman

Jeep Freeman encounters a second element

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