Interactive projection

The interactive projection system is the most technologically advanced advertising and entertainment interactive system in the world.

The interactive audio and video system provides an unusual and exciting effect system for advertising and entertainment, suitable for all public indoor venues, especially leisure, shopping, entertainment and educational places. In 2013, the virtual interactive technology has completed the human-computer interaction part, and there are many simulations with natural or virtual worlds.

A major revolution in the field of advertising, interactive projection systems can provide a variety of information, including the various screens and patterns that people want or need, in a unique way to express new forms of advertising, while also breaking the traditional static advertising hanging style;The emergence of interactive audio and video systems has represented a new type of modern advertising model that attracts all the crowds to watch and interact, and has a good publicity effect.

It highlights a new consumer sites.The interactive projection system’s fantastic visual effects and wonderful dynamics will attract all customers, live audiences and even passers-by to stop and interact, and enhance the entertainment and entertainment by interacting with all the customers and audience through its interactive images and sound changes. The inner attraction of leisure, promoting consumption and re-consumption, is especially suitable for leisure and entertainment venues such as Di Bar, Hotel, KTV, Bar.