Holographic projection technology, also known as virtual imaging technology, is a technique for recording and reproducing the recording and reproduction of a true three-dimensional image of an object using the principles of interference and diffraction.

Holography is a kind of mid-air imaging that suspends three-dimensional images in real scenes, creating an atmosphere that is also illusory and true. The effect is peculiar and has a strong sense of depth. In the middle of the formation of the air illusion, the object can be combined to realize the combination of image and object. It can also be equipped with a touch screen to interact with the audience. Four-sided windows can be made on request, up to 2-4 meters on each side. It can be made into a holographic phantom stage, a 360-degree demonstration of the product; a live performance of the real and the illusory people; a dream stage of the Science and Technology Museum. Also suitable for the exhibition and release of various products. Such as: the exhibition and release of famous watches, famous cars, jewelry, industrial products.