Digital Gallery

The digital gallery refers to multimedia and digital technology as the display technology, using the latest film and television animation technology, combined with unique graphic digital and multimedia technology, attracting visitors with various novel technologies, and realizing the form of human-computer interaction.

The digital exhibition hall is a comprehensive display platform integrating various multimedia exhibition and display systems, including digital sandbox, ring screen/arc screen/ball screen hall, welcome floor system, interactive bar, interactive mirror and touch screen. At the same time, due to the integration of various high-tech technologies, the exhibition hall is very connotative and attractive.Through the combination of video, sound, animation and other media, the background and meaning of the objects in the exhibition.Bringing the audience a high-tech visual shock, greatly enhancing the value of the brand.

Due to its exaggerated expression and interactive experience, the digital pavilion can actively mobilize the enthusiasm of the participants, and better convey the content that needs to be displayed to the visitors through sound and optoelectronics. Therefore, it has very high value for enterprises, cultural relics and institutions.