H5 Games

H5 is a collection of technologies for making interactive web pages, which means that H5 is a mobile web page.And H5 games, you can be seen as a mobile web game, you can experience without downloading software, which is the advantage of H5 in communication.For many players, H5 may be a very strange noun. In fact, H5 is an advanced version of HTML, and H5 technology is constantly improving.

On the technical side, the use of H5 to develop mobile games has a lower threshold and requires less time.“You can write a game like a web page without much extra learning, and there are a lot of documentation and plugins available.” Someone once described the technical features of H5.The same is true. According to media reports: The popular H5 game has only one design plus one programmer, and it took only one and a half days.

H5 game platform is taking the cross-platform operation mode as the future direction.The integration and integration of each platform-side game will provide players with convenient game channels.create a new era of game platform operation, and strive to become the leader of the integrated game platform.At the same time, relying on existing big data technology and consumer finance models to build the world’s largest H5 game player ecosystem