Kinect somatosensory interaction

The kinect somatosensory interactive system is actually a 3D somatosensory camera that is smarter than a normal camera.
First, it can emit infrared rays to stereoscopically position the entire room, and the camera can recognize the movement of the human body by means of infrared rays.
In addition, the motion sensor can track your movements and build your digital skeleton based on the data. It can track 20 parts of the human body in real time. The device can track two players at the same time in real time.
The somatosensory interactive system uses real-time dynamic capture, image recognition, microphone input, voice recognition and other functions to get people out of the traditional monotonous mode of operation.

The kinect somatosensory interaction is to sense the viewer standing in front of the window through hardware interactive devices, somatosensory interactive system software and three-dimensional digital content. When the viewer’s movement changes, the screen displayed at the same time changes.

The kinect somatosensory system integrates sports and entertainment into your life. Operators can control the system through their own limbs, and interact with Internet players to share pictures and audio and video information.Imagine that at the moment you are standing in front of a large screen, you can browse the products and complete the shopping with simple operations such as turning pages, sliding, confirming, etc. This is the application of somatosensory technology in the field of consumer goods.,Convenience.In addition, merchants can also obtain accurate consumer feedback through this computer. The computer’s camera can record facial expressions, consumer gender recorded by anonymous recognition technology, and time of stay to understand the product’s appeal to each type of consumer. Convenient to develop more effective marketing strategies.