Multitouch is a technology that is implemented by human-computer interaction technology and hardware devices. It can perform human-computer interaction of computers without traditional input devices. Multi-touch technology can form a touch screen or a touchpad, and can simultaneously accept human-computer interaction from multiple points on the screen.


1. Multi-touch is a multi-point or multi-user interactive operation mode on the same display interface, and the single-point operation mode of the keyboard and mouse is abandoned.
2. The user can make a single touch with both hands, and can also touch the screen with different gestures such as clicking, double clicking, panning, pressing, scrolling and rotating, so as to realize arbitrary control, thereby better and more comprehensively understanding the relevant features of the object.
3, According to customer needs, order the corresponding touchpad, touch software and multimedia system; can be used with professional graphics software.

So far, there have been five technologies that can help enthusiasts build stable multi-touch platforms.
Are respectively:

Total Internal Reflection Multi-Touch Technology (FTIR) pioneered by Professor Jeff Han;
Backscattered Multi-Touch Technology (Rear-DI) for Microsoft Surface;
Laser planar multi-touch technology (LLP) proposed by Alex Popovich;
LED planar multi-touch technology (LED-LP) was proposed by Nima Motamedi;
Scattered light planar multi-touch technology (DSI) proposed by Tim Roth.

These five technologies are based on optical principles and computer vision recognition. In addition to these five mainstream technologies, there are other technologies that can also be used to build multi-touch devices, including acoustic waves, capacitors, resistors, motion capture devices, and positioners. , pressure sensing strips, etc. Usually, these sensors are combined to create a special multi-touch device.