Interactive Book

The interactive flip book can also be called electronic flip book or virtual flip book. The principle is to use infrared sensing to obtain the action of the visitor and transfer the action to the computer for processing.The application in the computer drives the multimedia display device to perform the effect of flipping the book according to the captured signal.Users can interact with the visual display information system through the imaging tabletop or glass with a single touch.

The knowledge of the interactive book-turning system is abundant and free to change. In addition, the information collected exceeds the ordinary books, which greatly saves the booth area, and the cost is not large.For the more precious pictures and objects, you can also make multimedia interactive video materials in this way, which not only protects the things themselves, but also gives the audience a refreshing visual effect and creates a magical and interactive interactive experience.

The knowledge is abundant and can be exchanged freely, saving the booth area and low cost;

Precious pictures and objects, both protect the things themselves, and give the audience a refreshing visual effect;

Can produce many novel effects such as animation, rotation, and flutter;

The flexible expression, novel and fashionable picture, and the combination of sound and animation can effectively attract the audience’s attention.

Increasing the rate of return and average browsing time in crowded and crowded places can stimulate the atmosphere, increase the technological content, increase the popularity of the scene, attract pedestrians to watch, and greatly enhance the brand’s popularity.