AR is a technology that calculates the position and angle of camera images in real time and adds corresponding images, videos, and 3D models. The goal of this technology is to put the virtual world in the real world and interact on the screen. This technique was introduced in 1990. As the computing power of portable electronic products increases, it is expected that the use of augmented reality will become wider and wider.

The AR system has three outstanding features:
1.Real world and virtual information integration;
2.It has real-time interactivity;
3.It is to add a positioning virtual object in the three-dimensional scale space.
AR technology can be widely used in many fields.

AR technology is widely used not only in applications similar to VR technology, such as cutting-edge weapons, aircraft development and development, data model visualization, virtual training, entertainment and art. And because of its ability to enhance the display output of the real environment, in the fields of medical research and anatomy training, precision instrument manufacturing and maintenance, military aircraft navigation, engineering design and remote robot control. It has more obvious advantages than VR technology.