Yunqi Conference – Feitian · Evolution

     At the beginning of September, Hangzhou became the focus of the world because of the G20 summit. The beautiful and poetic “Greek of Hangzhou” literary evening held on the surface of the West Lake left a good impression on the guests and the global audience. Whether it is the conference venue on both sides of the Qianjiang River or the beautiful West Lake, it shows the unique charm of Hangzhou, a historical and cultural city and an innovative and vibrant city. However, Hangzhou’s business cards are not only West Lake, Longjing, and silk. Friends who are familiar with the technology circle also know a place that represents Hangzhou’s scientific and technological image—-Xihu District, Xihu District. On October 14th, more than 20,000 developers from all over the world gathered in Yunqi Town to participate in the grand event of the science and technology industry – 2016 Hangzhou Yunqi Conference.