A feast on Nanjing West Road, stunning the entire beach!

The biggest difference between Nanjing West Road and Nanjing East Road,

Positioned in their own direction.

Different from Nanjing East Road, which has gradually become a bargaining place,

The route of Nanjing West Road,

It can be summed up in two sentences –

High-end atmosphere, low-key luxury has connotation.

Countless world-class big names stand on this road.

I even have a collection like Hang Lung Plaza.

More than 100 luxury brands in luxury brands!

Hang Lung Plaza, which is a “luxury darling”,

On September 8th, I did a great job on the beach.

Home to luxury

A large number of big name celebrities have gathered to cheer.

Extremely luxurious, top quality,

From the facilities to the details, everything is fine, and everything is beautiful.

Hang Lung Plaza,

Top quality benchmark.

September 8th, Shanghai’s Hang Lung Plaza,

The first shot of a new life!

Home to luxury festival,

With world-class quality,

Declare Shanghai’s Hang Lung Plaza,


The newly upgraded Plaza 66,

Comprehensive optimization from the whole to the details,

Definitely a gorgeous transformation.

The rave party that night was in such an environment,

It’s just like a tiger!

What I saw and heard,

Extremely luxurious,

Big name celebrities starlight.

Other than that,

Featured programs smashed the audience!

Fantastic 3D projection show,

Bring a big surprise to every guest present!

The illusion of the trend of the city,

Everything touches the world of the senses!

The top festival in Shanghai’s Hang Lung Plaza,

The light and shadow interweave the night of hormonal flooding,

For a long time in the future

It is an unforgettable memory.

I believe that for workers who are obsessed with the field of projection technology,

It is a feast of understanding and learning!