A journey of scientific and technological exploration at the World Expo – phantom imaging holographic projection, dome projection

Ball screen projection:

       The ball screen projection technology is an emerging display technology that breaks the limitation that the projected image can only be a flat rule graphic.

       According to the size of the ball screen, it can be divided into giant screen, single ball screen, small indoor ball, etc., large-scale giant screen, dozens or more than 20 projectors work at the same time, the film source is mainly starry sky, ocean, etc. Used in science and technology exhibition halls.

Phantom imaging:

       With the rapid development of information technology worldwide, especially the popularization and application of digital technology. The use of centralized information management means to coordinate the intuitive and centralized interactive expression of information will make the management work more rigorous and effective, and the service will be more convenient and efficient. As the most modern imaging technology, the phantom imaging system has been widely used in various fields of China’s national economic production.

       Phantom imaging can reveal a phenomenon, demonstrate a law, explain a scientific principle, explain a story, establish a corporate image, introduce a product, analyze data curves, and scenes of unsuitable people entering in dangerous environments.

       Suitable for display occasions: such as urban planning exhibition halls, libraries, museums, science and technology museums, archives, entertainment halls, exhibitions, fairs, theme parks, etc.