A journey of scientific and technological exploration at the World Expo – transparent screen

   Transparent screen interactive display is a new display method based on transparent display screen, with touch and software video.

   The transparent display screen can make the screen transparent like glass, maintain the transparency while ensuring the richness of the dynamic picture and the display details. Therefore, the transparent screen interactive display device can allow the user to view the exhibits behind the screen through the screen at a close distance. Let users interact with the dynamic information of the transparent display.

    With the continuous development of display technology, transparent screens are emerging, and transparent screens can provide users with an unprecedented visual experience and a new experience compared with traditional liquid crystal displays. Since the transparent screen itself has the characteristics of screen and transparency, it can be applied to many occasions, that is, it can be used as a screen and can replace the transparent flat glass. At present, the star transparent screen is mainly used for exhibition display and product display, for example, using a transparent screen instead of the window glass. In the future, transparent screens will have a very wide application field. For example, in the construction, transparent screens can be used instead of window glass, and in electrical products, it can be used as glass doors for refrigerators, microwave ovens and the like. The transparent screen allows the viewer to see the screen image and also see the items behind the screen through the screen, which enhances the efficiency of information transmission and adds a lot of fun.