A technology exploration tour at the World Expo

Folding projection:

       The folding screen system can be divided into 2 fold, 3 fold, 4 fold, 5 fold, 8 fold screen system. Use projection fusion technology to create a super seamless and realistic picture. Using the unique technological advantages of the film, the audience is surrounded by a high-quality sound painting environment, resulting in a strong sense of presence on the ground. It has a larger display size, wider field of view, more display content, higher display resolution, and more impact and immersive visual effects than a standard standard projection system.

      Applications: Force and government command halls, multi-purpose conference rooms, planning exhibition halls, museums, science and technology museums, international cultural exchange centers, large hospitals, various VIP chambers, various audio and video labs, virtual laboratories, Various monitoring halls, sports fields, large and medium-sized cinemas, entertainment centers, teaching centers, high-end cafes, amusement parks, large leisure and entertainment centers, etc.

Digital sand table:

       The digital sand table is realized by sound, light, electricity, image, three-dimensional animation and computer program control technology, using digital projection. The digital sand table can fully reflect the location characteristics and achieve a dynamic visual effect that is vivid and varied. It is a brand new experience for visitors and can generate a strong resonance, which is more intuitive than the traditional sand table model.

Basic role:

1. Look at history – urban historical buildings.
2. Look at the changes – urban changes, leisure, entertainment and other commercial streets to replace. Traditional warehouses and trading lines have become modern buildings, restaurants, bars, open-air cafes and entertainment venues, and hotels offer a place to relax and enjoy.
3. Look at development – urban development is accelerating. To meet the needs of urban construction. It provides room for building more buildings, retail stores, leisure facilities and hotels.