Decoding Hennessy Tasting

Will V.S.O.P be “automatically” become X.O for a long time?
What is the best thing to do with the “tears”?
Henry IV enjoys a cup of cognac every day
Is there any “mysterious power” in Cognac?

Who hasn’t been “slumbered” by a few mediocrity?
Decoding the Hennessy Interactive Experience Exhibition
China’s first stop in Guangzhou in November
Xuan Nini takes you for truth
Can also take you to promote the old driver!

    Stepping into the exhibition area, a series of “dry myths” spread by the cartoons are drawn into the wall by cartoonists, want to find out the truth? Just lightly brush the bracelet, and the interactive small speakers on the wall will be a “cold knowledge” for your popular science.

Gion Garden Walk
Take a stroll in the “Gion Garden” and experience the four seasons in the Cognac area. Then leave a panoramic self-portrait that seems to be in the Cognac area, and experience a hearty Hennessy winery tour. Feel the fragrance of spring flower blooms, the richness of summer grass and the sweetness of autumn manor fruit, and the enthusiasm of winter brewing. After crossing the four seasons, I came to a foreign country.

The mystery of distillation
The water of life has been aging in the hand-made oak barrels, and finally can be transformed into the wine of Hennessy. Through a minimalist style of animation, you can visually and vividly let everyone feel dynamically.

Hidden secret
In-depth study of the source of Hennessy’s hand-crafted craftsmanship, “The Secret of Treasure” takes you to explore an important step in cognac brewing: the art of aging. The mysterious barrel that is projected and engraved with its own name seems to be the secret of customizing its own wine, which is of great significance. From the beginning to the end, I can really feel the essence and atmosphere of Hennessy.