Mercedes digital display hall

Mercedes-Benz launched a new customer service strategy in Beijing – the “Mercedes-Benz Best Customer Experience” strategy. In the future, Mercedes-Benz will connect customers and Mercedes-Benz services more effectively through Internet technology through online car-app app, offline digital experience store, in-vehicle interconnection system and online reservation and delivery service.

If customers are interested in Mercedes-Benz products, they can fully understand the product and brand information through online social media platforms and offline Mercedes me experience stores, and achieve initial communication and contact between brands and customers. . When customers have a better understanding of the needs, they can walk into the digital showroom to learn more through the interactive display system. In the digital exhibition hall, in addition to Mercedes-Benz senior service consultants, the “Star Emblem Product Ambassador” accompanied the whole process, as well as a wealth of interactive experience content, such as viewing the interior appearance of different vehicles through moving slides, and understanding the vehicle performance through the electronic ink system. and many more.