Holographic display cabinet

Through holographic projection technology, the effect can be directly suspended in midair without any screen or medium, and it is displayed in three-dimensional images from any angle, and has a vivid three-dimensional display effect.

Holographic display cabinets are mainly divided into three types:

180 degree holographic display cabinet,

180-degree holographic display cabinet means that it can only be viewed from one side

270 degree holographic display cabinet

270 degree holographic display cabinet can be viewed from three sides

360 degree holographic display cabinet.

360 degree holographic display cabinet can be viewed from four sides

Advantages of Holographic Exhibition Cabinet

The form is novel: Compared with the traditional flat display method, the holographic display cabinet can see the stereoscopic 3D display effect, giving a visual impact.

Information display: Through the holographic display cabinet, the appearance, structure and function of the product can be clearly displayed to increase the product’s goodness.

Increased popularity: holographic display cabinets can give viewers a new visual impact, stimulate the audience’s desire to explore, and can play a role in gathering the popularity of the site and deepening the impression of visitors.

Flexible installation: The holographic display cabinet can be customized according to the actual needs of the user. The installation is not restricted by the environment and can be stored permanently in various places.