Virtual book

The virtual book-turning system is a virtual e-book, also known as virtual flip book, inductive flip book, electronic flip book, interactive flip book. A multimedia interactive device that projects a projection image onto a book model, and can be used to turn pages or various gestures to generate functions such as flipping a book and playing a video.

The advantages of virtual book flip

Touch screen electronic flip book: The principle of electronic flip book is to use the touch method to obtain the action of the visitor, and transfer the action to the computer for processing. The application in the computer drives the multimedia animation to perform the effect of turning the book according to the captured signal.

Projection electronic virtual flip book: similar to the ground interactive projection, by controlling the host output screen, the projector projects the projection image onto the solid model book to realize the image, and then captures the gesture action through the infrared camera or radar, and feeds back to the control host for calculation. After that, the interactive instructions are displayed on the projection screen.