Digital sand table

The digital sand table is a kind of reformation innovation to the traditional sand table, because it adds various multimedia sound and light means based on dynamic projection on the basis of the traditional sand table model, which breaks people’s monotonous impression on the sand table.

Digital sand table can be divided into four categories according to their classification:

1.Scene simulation digital sand table

Through personalized 3D digital content, multimedia interactive software, and central control system, it creates a visual effect that is both imaginary and illusory, making people feel like they are immersed in the situation, which can arouse people’s strong resonance.

2.Projection digital sand table

The projection sandbox and the physical sandbox model can be seamlessly combined, and the performance is more beautiful and realistic, with stronger dynamics, interactivity and extensibility.

3. Led electronic sand table

The large LED screen demonstrates the digital sand table, with a wide field of vision and a clear model. The sandbox model can be controlled by a large screen to realize human-computer interaction!

4.Interactive digital sand table

The advantages of digital sand table

The interactive digital sand table can interact with visitors and has a small footprint and flexible display.

The advantages of digital sand table

It can meet the characteristics of a full range of viewing buildings.

The ratio of display size can be adjusted according to different needs.

The scene of the entire display area is browsed by the simulator.

The building environment and surrounding facilities can be added to the system.

Depending on what you want to know, you can check location information and more.