Transparent screen display cabinet

Led transparent screen is a new type of transparent display screen, which can also play advertising content without affecting the original appearance. The biggest feature of led transparent screen is that it has good permeability and only plays the content that needs to be played.

There are great advantages and markets in the commercial application and advertising industries.

Advantages of transparent display cabinet

Strong transparency:It can be integrated with the glass curtain wall without affecting the space.

Intelligent and humanized:The transparent screen can be connected via WIFI, and the screen content can be switched intelligently via mobile phone or tablet.

Simple installation:The transparent screen is steel-free and can be used when powered up, making it simple to install and maintain.

Wide range of viewing angles: The viewing angle of the transparent screen is 160 degrees, which can be viewed by more users.

Flexibility: The display content of the transparent screen can be customized, and the usage can be fixed or mobile, and the flexibility is strong.

The imaging picture works well: the transparent screen is directly presented, avoiding the influence of light reflection and the like.