Ring screen projection

The ring screen projection is a multimedia interactive projection with a circular or curved shape or a curved surface as a projection screen. The projection screen of the ring screen projection usually has a curvature of 100 to 360 degrees, which is mainly determined according to the specific scene environment and needs.

The curtain projection is to surround the audience in the center of the ring screen. The circular screen presents an oversized picture, which fully satisfies the viewer’s visual requirements. In addition, the surround sound effect is combined with the video content to create a kind of interpretation. Immersive and beautiful audio-visual feast.

The advantages of ring screen projection

Seamless stitching makes the projected picture more complete and clear.

A variety of projection methods, such as rear projection and front projection, shorten the projection distance.

Strong flexibility

The resolution of the picture is higher

Displaying projection images with high-tech technology, fashion shock