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Hangzhou Yunqi Town Digital Exhibition Hall

This year’s October 13-16, guided by the Zhejiang Provincial Government, Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government and Alibaba Group jointly hosted, Xihu District and other units to undertake, the theme of “Flying Sky • Evolution Apsara Evolution” 2016 Hangzhou Yunqi Conference is about to Yunqi Town is held again. The conference will feature more than 450 keynote speeches, tens of thousands of square meters of innovative exhibition experience zones and top technology at home and abroad.

The conference also arranged special features such as Yunqi night running, car rally, concerts, camping activities, etc. At the same time, it will also display a large number of black technology: artificial cloud Alibaba Cloud ET, which can direct traffic, will lift the elevator and feel the crowded elevator. The rookie logistics robot G, the world’s first full-voice interactive Internet car, can intelligently identify ingredients, smart refrigerators that can be purchased with one button.
     The exhibition hall has various display areas, wall interactive projection, digital sand table projection, interaction, etc…

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Tiancheng Education Interactive Exhibition Hall

In order to promote anti-drug knowledge, Hangzhou Tiancheng Education has opened an interactive exhibition hall, six touch screens, face-changing software – after drug abuse, and 3X2 55-inch splicing screen, our company provides all interactive technical support and hardware equipment.

Your interactive photo presentation system after drug abuse
Face recognition and face changing technology is adopted. After the participants take a photo confirmation, they will simulate the facial symptoms of the participants after taking drugs, and warn everyone to start anti-drug and anti-virus.

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Mercedes digital display hall

Mercedes-Benz launched a new customer service strategy in Beijing – the “Mercedes-Benz Best Customer Experience” strategy. In the future, Mercedes-Benz will connect customers and Mercedes-Benz services more effectively through Internet technology through online car-app app, offline digital experience store, in-vehicle interconnection system and online reservation and delivery service.

If customers are interested in Mercedes-Benz products, they can fully understand the product and brand information through online social media platforms and offline Mercedes me experience stores, and achieve initial communication and contact between brands and customers. . When customers have a better understanding of the needs, they can walk into the digital showroom to learn more through the interactive display system. In the digital exhibition hall, in addition to Mercedes-Benz senior service consultants, the “Star Emblem Product Ambassador” accompanied the whole process, as well as a wealth of interactive experience content, such as viewing the interior appearance of different vehicles through moving slides, and understanding the vehicle performance through the electronic ink system. and many more.

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Suning super burning star city ball screen projection

In August 2018, Shanghai Wujiaochang, the appearance of the super-burning planet used high-definition lumen projection technology to achieve the static display of the flow. Sometimes it’s hot, it’s sometimes romantic, and it’s quite artistic.

Enter the inside of the super-burning planet and you can feel the changes in the multi-theme scene at the same time. Ocean, flowers, anime paradise… Different themes overlap each other, as if they are in a magical world.

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June fresh Shanghai People’s Square subway station graphite interactive projection wall

Shanghai, an international metropolis, has a large number of people in Shanghai. Many people have fought for their dreams and family, and they have gathered from Shanghai to Shanghai. In Shanghai, the days of overtime are commonplace. Even in the Mid-Autumn Festival, there are still many people who have sacrificed the time of holiday and family reunion, and stick to it in every seemingly ordinary position. Now, in June, this activity wall has been made fresh, and these people are blessed for their hometown and relatives.

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Coach Dreamer Photo Gallery

2018 The new autumn collection is full of unique and unique charm, the main handbag The Dreamer is inspired by the romance of New York City, which induces unlimited imagination, full of street fashion and elegance. Visit the Coach Dreamer photo studio today to explore the romantic feelings of the dark world. Experience the AR special effects shooting experience.

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Tmall Elf Smart Living Museum

On September 19, 2018, a magical box of Nuo Da was airborne in Shanghai Jing’an Joy City, attracting a large number of passers-by. It is understood that this magic box is an artificial intelligence secret room offline experience hall planned by the Tmall Elf. During the event, there will be dozens of new products of the Tmall Elf joint custom model, for consumers to feel their intelligence in the immersive situation. Features. Indeed, the release of new products in this self-contained topical and entertaining way is also eye-catching.
This new product release combines the product experience with the fun challenge. Through the consumer experience, the various smart appliances connected by the Tmall Elf are interesting and intelligent in different scenes, and are full of expectations for the future ideal life. It turns out that artificial intelligence is within reach: small to a smart door lock, smart curtains, smart sweeping robots, large intelligent scene linkage, future bedroom, future kitchen, a variety of smart products have gradually integrated into our lives Redefine the ideal lifestyle.

Smart treadmill
Light cube matrix
Tmall Elf Smart Gesture Interactive
Tmall Elf Electronic Ink Interactive System
Intelligent body fat
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Porsche new MACAN, choose new territory, leading edge

In November 2018, Guangzhou’s new car was released, usually with green lights and red, singing and dancing, and it was a lively event, earning popularity. After a while, after becoming a past tense, no one mentioned it. But Porsche’s release campaign for the new Macan is really a bit of a heart. At least, the next day, colleagues and colleagues are not forgetful, and there are still talks about it.

Interactive somatosensory wall
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A feast on Nanjing West Road, stunning the entire beach!

The biggest difference between Nanjing West Road and Nanjing East Road,

Positioned in their own direction.

Different from Nanjing East Road, which has gradually become a bargaining place,

The route of Nanjing West Road,

It can be summed up in two sentences –

High-end atmosphere, low-key luxury has connotation.

Countless world-class big names stand on this road.

I even have a collection like Hang Lung Plaza.

More than 100 luxury brands in luxury brands!

Hang Lung Plaza, which is a “luxury darling”,

On September 8th, I did a great job on the beach.

Home to luxury

A large number of big name celebrities have gathered to cheer.

Extremely luxurious, top quality,

From the facilities to the details, everything is fine, and everything is beautiful.

Hang Lung Plaza,

Top quality benchmark.

September 8th, Shanghai’s Hang Lung Plaza,

The first shot of a new life!

Home to luxury festival,

With world-class quality,

Declare Shanghai’s Hang Lung Plaza,


The newly upgraded Plaza 66,

Comprehensive optimization from the whole to the details,

Definitely a gorgeous transformation.

The rave party that night was in such an environment,

It’s just like a tiger!

What I saw and heard,

Extremely luxurious,

Big name celebrities starlight.

Other than that,

Featured programs smashed the audience!

Fantastic 3D projection show,

Bring a big surprise to every guest present!

The illusion of the trend of the city,

Everything touches the world of the senses!

The top festival in Shanghai’s Hang Lung Plaza,

The light and shadow interweave the night of hormonal flooding,

For a long time in the future

It is an unforgettable memory.

I believe that for workers who are obsessed with the field of projection technology,

It is a feast of understanding and learning!