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Digital Gallery

#Digital Gallery

Mercedes digital display hall

Mercedes-Benz launched a new customer service strategy in Beijing – the “Mercedes-Benz Best Customer Experience” strategy. In the future, Mercedes-Benz will connect customers and Mercedes-Benz services more effectively through Internet technology through online car-app app, offline digital experience store, in-vehicle […]

#Digital Gallery

Taiwanese Electronics Show

November 2017, Nanjing, 30th Anniversary of Taiwanese Businessmen    Chairman of the Taiwan Strait Entrepreneur Summit, Zeng Peiyan (formerly Vice Premier of the State Council), Taiwan Governor Xiao Wanchang (formerly Taiwan’s deputy leader and head of the administrative agency), Jiangsu […]

#Digital Gallery

Digital Gallery

The digital gallery refers to multimedia and digital technology as the display technology, using the latest film and television animation technology, combined with unique graphic digital and multimedia technology, attracting visitors with various novel technologies, and realizing the form of […]

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