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Virtual instructor

The virtual lecturer is the most commonly used multimedia explanation method in the digital exhibition hall. The virtual explanation is realized by using multimedia interactive technology such as three-dimensional technology and large-screen display. The virtual lecturer can be either a […]


Holographic display cabinet

Through holographic projection technology, the effect can be directly suspended in midair without any screen or medium, and it is displayed in three-dimensional images from any angle, and has a vivid three-dimensional display effect. Holographic display cabinets are mainly divided […]


Decoding Hennessy Tasting

Will V.S.O.P be “automatically” become X.O for a long time?What is the best thing to do with the “tears”?Henry IV enjoys a cup of cognac every dayIs there any “mysterious power” in Cognac?…Who hasn’t been “slumbered” by a few mediocrity?Decoding […]

Jannet Doe

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Jayden Smith

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